Think of the time you’ve spent caregiving as the time you’ve spent at ARCHANGELS Work.

Think of the logo as a clear and professional way to let employers know about this role you’ve had, and why the skills you acquired doing this job make you the BEST next hire for their company.

The logo is like a badge of honor, and it’s a visual way to connect you to an organization (us!) that will shout from the hilltops that caregivers make awesome employees.

If you’re filling out a job application, ARCHANGELS Work is the ‘job’ experience you list for the time you have spent caregiving.

We can also help you translate the skills you honed as an Archangel into language you can use on your resume or as talking points in a job interview. In the form below, check the box beside each task you managed in addition to your caregiving dates and email address, and we’ll give you specific words to describe your skills and experience.

How do I turn my skills into job qualifications?

Project Management



Crisis Management

Logistics coordination

Customer Service

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Start by selecting some skills, and we’ll show you your sentences here when you’re done.

How do I use the badge?

When the ARCHANGELS Work logo is used with a CV setting we recommend that it is larger then 40mm.

When adding the role of Caregiver/Archangel to your work experience on LinkedIn or Facebook, enter “ARCHANGELS Work” in the search field and select the ARCHANGELS Work company page.

Though you can’t use the actual badge on a handwritten application, you can use ARCHANGELS Work as the company name with the URL.

How do I use this to help get a job or promotion?

We believe being an Archangel for a loved one should be a competitive advantage when you are looking for your next job opportunity. By including ARCHANGELS Work on your resume or in a job application, you ensure you will get credit for the work you've done and the professional skills you honed in caring for your love one. Be sure to include our website so the organization can see all the reasons hiring Archangels like you is good for business.

How do I explain what an Archangel is?

When writing about your time as an Archangel, it’s useful for companies to be able to read more about what we do at ARCHANGELS Work, use the website address below so they can come to the website and find out more.

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