Work is
Real Work

43% of us are worried about or caring for the health of a family member, neighbor, or friend. Technically we’re called caregivers, but we call ourselves Archangels, and the work we do is real. It’s like any other job.

The skills and responsibilities required to do the work should be easily explained in a job interview and showcased on our resumes and social profiles.

If you are an Archangel looking for your next job or maybe even a promotion, ARCHANGELS Work can help you talk about your caregiving role in a clear and professional way.

5 years as an Archangel
3 years as an Archangel
Textile Designer
3 years as an Archangel
Retail Assistant
3 years as an Archangel
Marketing Manager

Archangels Work makes me feel part of a team

Miles Riley

3 years as an Archangel
Deli Manager